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Casino Grayleaf

Welcome to the World of Shining Silver Starlight!

“Feeling lucky? I know I am!”

Casino Grayleaf, the Lucky Star of Galmiun.

Basic Info

  • Name: Casino Grayleaf

  • Gender: Female (born male)

  • Species: Human

  • Type: Divine

  • Height: 5’4” (164cm)

  • Alignment: Good

  • Sexual Orientation: Asexual

  • Notable Family:

    • Mint (younger sister)

    • Nevan (father)

    • Ada (mother)

    • Chance (grandmother)

    • Vega (grandfather)

    • Reno (great-grandfather)

The Grayleaf Clan

Above (RPG Maker MV): Reno, Chance, Nevan, Ada, Casino, and Mint.

Below (Gacha Life): Casino, Mint, and Chance, the last of the Grayleaf clan.


Hailing from the magical world of Galmiun, Casino Grayleaf is her world’s most famous hero.

Born as a mortal boy in a remote village, Casino was the long-awaited descendant of the Grayleaf clan known as the child of prophecy. When she came of age, she was given a wish star by the village elder and was expected to use it to become a man known as the hero of prophecy. Instead, she chose to defy the will of the village, and wished to become the hero that she wanted to be.

At that moment, Casino turned from mortal boy to divine woman, and was violently exiled from the place she called home. As a result of her harsh and abusive childhood, she harbored a great deal of hatred and prejudice, going so far as to create a beam technique known as Grayleaf Genocide, a finishing move designed to obliterate divine beings as painfully as possible. In time, she eventually mellows out, and even befriends her former arch-enemy Skunk, who had changed her ways after being brought to justice by Casino and imprisoned.

Skunk and Casino Grayleaf (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Once bitter enemies, Casino Grayleaf and Skunk have since become trusted friends and allies.

Fate can often deal a most unexpected hand.

Character Origins

At a young age, I discovered a fascination with the idea of chance. The roll of the dice, the luck of the draw, the unpredictable variety and the need to adapt to the whimsical hand that fate has dealt, I found it most exciting. It was when I played Casino Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as a child in the early 90’s that a creative spark was lit and I came up with Casino Grayleaf.

I began drawing her in my comic series, Silver Stars, as the main hero, with my earlier character, the trickster goddess Skunk, serving as the main villain. They both made their gaming debut in a ZZT title known as Silver Stars: Casino in Ruffian World. A simple game with ASCII graphics, Skunk had escaped from prison and released all of the other inmates, and it was up to Casino to recapture them all.

Ruffian World ended up becoming a trilogy, all of which starred Casino and featured Skunk as a major villain.

The Melanie Spade Gang, the main villains of Silver Stars: Ruffian World II – Melanie’s Revenge.

Melanie Spade (Ace), Nathan King (King), Quinn Chara (Queen), Skunk (Jack), and Jasper Guest (Joker).

In Neo Silver Stars: Ruffian World III – Double Double Trickster Trouble, Skunk and Jasper returned as the main villains.


Though her abilities in Soulcalibur VI are limited to Xianghua’s fighting style, in the Shining Silver Starlight universe, she is a hero versed both in the way of the sword as well as magic. Her specialty is luck and nature magic. Using nature magic, she can conjure and manipulate vines, leaves, and various other plant life.

Her signature ability, luck magic, allows her to use things like playing cards, tarot cards, dice, slots, and roulette to channel her magic in random and often very powerful ways. As a hero, she is resistant to corruption by dark and chaotic forces, and her touch can often purify things that would consume others. Fortune also has a way of favoring her.


As of this writing, all of the work I made for Silver Stars has been lost, though the series has since been reborn as Shining Silver Starlight.

If you want to see more of Casino Grayleaf in Soulcalibur VI, I’ve made a series of videos on YouTube, Shining Silver Starlight Battles, that feature her and others battling it out.

Not only that, but there is a twenty-minute movie, Shining Silver Starlight: The War Against Wyvern, that combines RPG Maker MV cutscenes and Soulcalibur VI battles to tell a story.

Casino Grayleaf also has an entry on the Soulcalibur Wiki, which explains her role in the story of Soulcalibur VI as an unofficial guest character.

And if you’re interested in her non-Soulcalibur VI appearances, I have all sorts of content, including artwork, literature, and playable games available on DeviantArt,, and various other social media.

They once battled as hated enemies. Now they train as longtime friends.


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