Community commitments

We embrace the creed creation is collaboration. And in order to grow and strengthen our community, we facilitate monthly design challenges in which we encourage the community to create towards a specific theme. 

In the spirit of collaboration, and when requested, our creators offer their skilled creation abilities to design custom creations as rewards for SOULCALIBUR VI competitions.

community Partners

  • soul calibur creations reddit


    A large community dedicated to sharing SOULCALIBUR creations. Check it out, and share your individual creations with the creation community.



    A robust character modding tool for PC. Adds various creation capabilities allowing you to surpass the limits of the already robust character creation tool in SOULCALIBUR.

  • soulcalibur portal


    A repository of SOULCALIBUR resources posted by the community in an organized, archivable, and accessible way.

our creed: Creation is Collaboration!

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