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SOULCALIBURCREATIONS.com is a fan run site created and managed by the community, and populated with creations from the talented character and costume creators in the SOULCALIBUR VI environment. This site is intended to act as a portfolio showcase for creators, showcasing only a sample of these creators' best creations.


Our vision is to provide a centralized location for the best of all SOULCALIBUR VI creations in the world, while introducing visitors to the variety of talented creators that exist in this community.

All creators are invited to submit to have a portfolio hosted on the site as long as they fulfill the criteria for posting.

We eagerly await the submission of any who embrace our site philosophy: creation is collaboration!

Interested in supporting the costs associated with hosting and maintaining this site? Feel free to throw a donation our way below.

news & Updates

Website hiatus announced: portfolios will no longer be added or updated, no more design challenges, and no more champion creations. See blog 'That's a wrap.... for now!' for details!
April-May Inspired By Creator Design Challenge Highlights Announced: BZRich64 and MarioMan124. NitricZenith selected as Creators' Choice Highlight!
March Colourful Design Challenge Highlights Announced: Diin126, HappyColour, MadulaVolta, and PeaceeMaker_XX. Xulbi selected as Creators' Choice Highlight!
February Lunar New Year Design Challenge Highlights Announced: BootsyRollins, NitricZenith, Wizard_B7R, and Xulbi. PeaceeMaker_XX selected as Creators' Choice Highlight!
January Food Design Challenge Highlights Announced: TheSilverShire and KostasGR . KostasGR selected as Creators' Choice Highlight as well!
December Design Challenge Highlights Announced: Xulbi, Destin8160, and Alex6309. Creators's Choice Highlight NitricZenith!
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All creators are welcome to have a portfolio hosted on SOULCALIBURCREATIONS.com, and we're stoked that you want to submit! For submitting a new portfolio, adding additional photos to an existing portfolio, refreshing your portfolio, or submitting blog content click on the appropriate link in the box below.



If you don't have a portfolio and would like to share your best creations click here!



Thanks for reaching out!