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Our blog is populated by our talented international creator community in the language they are most comfortable writing in, and we are always looking for great blog content. If you have an idea for a blog that fits within our blog categories and have a portfolio on the website, submit your idea for consideration below.




Have you built up a back story about one of your creations you would like to share? This topic is for that. Take us on your creations journey by sharing their story for all to read. And feel free to include pictures if it helps tell the story.


Why do you create and do you have an underlying philosophy that influences all your creations? This is the place to share your ideology with all other creators. WOW the community by letting them know just how deeply you think about your creations!


Do you have an amazing creation that you want to get into the weeds and show off in detail beyond the photo from your portfolio? This is the place to do it. Get into the weeds and share multiple photos with descriptions to make sure everyone can make out all those amazing little details you put in.


Any elite CAS techniques you utilize to make that creation look just right? Share your secret techniques and provide advice on all the technical elements of creating amazing creations.