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Designing a strong alternative costume requires a strong vision of the 'if'; 'if' this character was in this situation how would it change how they looked? With this as my core philosophy of design, and leveraging the fishy inspiration from the creation master Vilarcane, I was greatly inspired to create a mermaid version of Hilde.

The core vision was simple: what would Hilde look like if Wolfkrone was an undersea kingdom?

When designing the costume I utilized three patterns to lean heavily into the mermaid theme that I felt would give it its undersea vibe: her fish like scales, the malformed by the sea golden metallic accents, and the light bluish textured coral pattern on her legs.

On top of this stickers were utilized to change her skin tone, add gill like patterns, and unify the colour pallete of the costume. And objects were utilized to break up the overpowering scale pattern while simultaneously creating more realistic fish coloured skin tones (and add a cool tail of course).

our creed: Creation is Collaboration!

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