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How do you select your Monthly Creation Highlights?
Every month we look through all the creations on the site and select unique creations that screams to us "Tell me more!". We then contact the creator and see if they want to submit a small video and write-up.
How to get the additional photos referral bonus?
If when a creator signs up, they reference you as the person who referred them on their referral form, we will contact you soon thereafter with a link to submit 10 additional photos. Yahoo!!!
What are your Design Challenges?
Every month we host a Design Challenge via Twitter open to all to participate in that abide by our posting rules. The challenge is evaluated by and the top ten percentile are selected to be highlighted in our Design Challenge Showcase gallery.
What happens if I submit my content and later no longer want it listed on the site?
No worries and easy fix. Your portfolio content is yours, our website simply provides a way for people to see your content. If you ever want your portfolio taken down just send us a message.
Are we allowed to post photos that have been visually edited to the website?
Yes of course. Creations take many forms, and one creative format used by many creators is to use photo editing techniques such as collages to better showcase their creations. All creations that don't violate our posting rules stated on the portfolio page are welcome.
What determines my unique profiles website address?
Your unique website address is determined by the alias you register with. If someone else has already registered with that alias your unique link may be slightly different.
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