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A Rising Star, A Fallen Queen

“Master your will for it will master your future”. - Wilma Sue

Wilma Sue Information:

  • Name: Wilma Susanna Sceviour-Kight

  • Gender: Female

  • Species: Haan mixed Earthling

  • Occupation: Queen in a galaxy far far away.

  • Type: Alien-human hybrid

  • Height: 5’ 11” (180.34)

  • Alignment: Good turned evil (future)

  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Birthday: August 2, 2332 (Leo)

L to R: Notable Family: Sceviour, Wildestaar (the Progenitor of Wilma's family species), Lyon (3rd child, brother), Magena (2nd child, sister), Wilma Sue(1st born, the Century Child of Wildestaar), Axel (Father of the children), Alya (mother of the children),

Jean (Wilma's grandmother - killed), Wordsworth(Wilma's grandson)

L to R: Notable Wilma’s Kight Family, Safire (Wilma’s 5th child twin of Ishaq), Berney (3rd child of Wilma Sue), Kedward (Wilma’s 2nd child), Will Jr (Wilma’s1st born –future MC after Father’s death), William (Wilma’s husband – My Main Character -MC), Wilma Sue (before she become evil due to death of MC.), Wilona (Will Jr's wife, Daughter-in-law), Wilma’s youngest child Justin, Ishaq (Wilma’s 4th child twin of Safire)

Character Origins

My story is a 24th century epic tale similar to LORDS OF THE RING and ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS (I haven't read the books but I have played DW & watch the first three "Lords of the Ring" movies).

The middle of Book 2 and the start of Book 3 will seem to be inspired from Dynasty/Samurai Warriors but with the difference being two of the multi-galaxies kingdoms each having 600 recurring characters (Main Antagonist Victor being something like the fictional CaoCao while Main Character William is like the fictional Liu Bei - my favorite in DW).

Avengers' Endgame's final battle as a reference with the mixing of characters similar to Re: Creators.

Note: Marvel's A.E.'s final battle has been a dream for MY characters since the '90s as well as the story missions found in the game: Jump Force.

Her Story

Despite Wilma Sue's bleak future, her story will be interesting. Wilma's future self from an alternate timeline of my Book - 3 will come to the past and be killed by Wilma sue (Book 1 – “ClashMates”). Then SHE will possess the CURSED item which will help (Aspiring comic book1) Wilma Sue to BECOME the alternate (Aspiring comic book 3) version.

Wildestaar’s Blood-line’s “Star Life” power gives Wilma Sue these abilities: Mental powers: Telepathy(Probe, Mind Link, Invisibility, illusions, Mental bolts, emotion control, Paralysis/Brain Asphyxiation, Pain-tolerance, Mental Amnesia), Telekinesis(shields, Telekinetic Sensitivity, force bolts):

  • Energy manipulation, matter transmutation, flight, energy blasts, and energy shield(Sue Shield).

  • WEAPONLESS: Sue's fighting style is a combination of Luise Meyrink, CHIZURU Kagura(No reflection ability) and Helena Douglas.

  • ARMED: Wilma's multi-weapon master-level style mirrors SCV's Elysium(Mostly Sophitia-Cassandra)

My Story

Being an American Writer, Sue's death won’t last long. Like a Phoenix, she will RISE AGAIN! I haven’t started drawing in recent years due my desired to go to an Art School to stay focused on my Artwork. And this has been influenced by my views on the 'cancel culture' of the current creative environment. Entertain and teach not cancel and preach, that is my philosophy. Thank you for reading!

Story Highlights

Jean Savona-Sceviour, a parody of Jean Grey, dies saving her granddaughter, pre-school Wilma Sue from an assassination attempt. Jean S-S was 40 years old when she dies. Her power level is of Marvel's ORIGINAL 80's Phoenix.

Nova Sauvage, One of my favorite female villainess is a non-mental DEMON version of Marvel's Dark Phoenix and Wilma’s former best friend turned evil rival! Wilma is an ANGELIC-like version of Marvel Phoenix. Both are to be my iconic cover girls. Wilma is the good while Nova is the bad.

To test her skills, Wilma first snuck off to fight in an underground "Fight Club -like" event, she asked for her sister to make a costume. In a rush for inspiration, Magena magically transmuted one of Wilma's old swimsuits, high heels & hat into a bunny girl outfit. She added a Colombian mask with an old magical spell placed on it(The mask casts an illusion similar to the AD&D 2nd edition spell "Alter self" ). She enters the fight as Pink Wabbix. Pink is Wilma’s favorite color.

This is one of many of her hair styles she will wear when she was younger. Actually, I wanted to based her teen years hairstyle from Ayeka Jurai 's hairstyle. But I settled for Kaede Nagase's hairstyle would best suit Wilma's teen year’s hair. Her species’ ability to Shorten her hair allowed Wilma to master her grandmother’s style of Marital Arts.

Wilma's persona is the mixing of Weiss Schnee(becomes more like a less harsh version of Helena Douglas-DOA5 when she matures), Athena Asamiya (When Wilma becomes a music idol - I decided in the "90's" to based her singing voice on Mariah Carey's) and Yukino Miyazawa(a non-slob version). Wilma auditions on American idol-like show. Before she could go solo; she had to join the redheads group: The Ginger Generation.

During War for Earth, Wilma and her fiancé William (my M.C.) reunited with their people. Having the royal sword and the family crest, the people of the Haan recognised the couple as their lost royal family. William and Sue become King and Queen of the Haan. Their kingdom heroes and allies were so strong. Queen Wilma with her king, decides to use their forces becoming a “Super Team” to fight against Universal and dimensional threats. Queen Wilma & her husband the king use a viceroy as their substitute when a great threat is upon the galaxy/universe. When her husband is in command of the 600 member Galaxy Star Defenders. Wilma becomes Team leader of Gardeon Force in his place (The largest team in the multi-team Battalion). Typically, she is the Missions Commander.

Wilma's future self, Evil Sue, from an alternate timeline of book 3 will come to the past and be killed by Wilma sue (Book 1: “ClashMates”). Evil Sue had battled her former team members only to be beaten by them. Thus hoping to win, EVIL Wilma Sue travels to field where she would meet her past self.

A confrontation happens in which “ClashMates”‘s Wilma Sue kills the MORTALLY INJURED Evil Sue. But unknown to book 1's Wilma Sue, Evil Sue traveled to ten years prior making the child clone Anti "Annie" Sue in book 1's TIMELINE. Annie Sue grows up with Wilma Sue making Annie apart of Wilma's timeline. Annie Sue S would have ALL of the memories of the EVIL SUE. Anti-Sue (Annie) plan to turn “Book 1” Wilma evil.

Photos from: Soulcalibur 5-6, Code Vein, Saints Row 3 remastered, Fighter Maker2, Dynasty Warriors and Rumble Roses XX.


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