About the Blog - We want you!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A warm hello, konnichiwa, bonjour, and more to all fellow creators. : )

I am excited to share that the website is growing well thanks to the amazing contributions of all the creators involved so far, and despite us facing some technical issues with the submit form that we are troubleshooting, we move forward getting more amazing creators on this website.

As we grow I wanted to talk quickly about the blog, and give some more details regarding the blog categories!

As you all know I am sure, this website is populated with creations from the talented SOULCALIBUR VI Creations community. The same will be said for the blog!

It is our vision at SOULCALIBURCREATIONS.com that the community is the largest contributing factor to this website, with website administrators focusing more so on the technical 'make sure the website works' elements.