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About the Blog - We want you!

A warm hello, konnichiwa, bonjour, and more to all fellow creators. : )

I am excited to share that the website is growing well thanks to the amazing contributions of all the creators involved so far, and despite us facing some technical issues with the submit form that we are troubleshooting, we move forward getting more amazing creators on this website.

As we grow I wanted to talk quickly about the blog, and give some more details regarding the blog categories!

As you all know I am sure, this website is populated with creations from the talented SOULCALIBUR VI Creations community. The same will be said for the blog!

It is our vision at that the community is the largest contributing factor to this website, with website administrators focusing more so on the technical 'make sure the website works' elements.

As such, we want to hear what you have to say. And we want your blog submissions!

In order to get as many people involved, we wanted to create some quick easy guidelines for our blog submissions, find them below.

Blog Submission Guidelines:

  • All blog submissions have to abide by the standard posting rules on the site (i.e. no nudity, no racially offensive content, your own creations, etc...).

  • Blog submissions can be written in any language (English, Japanese, French, you name it).

  • If interested in submitting a blog, contact us via our Contribute to Our Blog page under Blog and let us know what you want to write. Once approved, we will provide a template you can utilize.

  • Blog submissions must fit into the categories listed below.

  • You must have a portfolio on to be eligible to submit a blog submission, and the blog submissions will always contain a direct link to your portfolio (as seen at the bottom of this post).

  • Blog submissions may be slightly edited by site administrators to address grammatical and spelling issues if required.

As mentioned above, there are categories for blog submission entries, we selected these categories based on the relevant and popular topics of creators. These topics are explained below.

  • Narrative: Have you built up a back story about one of your creations you would like to share? This topic is for that. Take us on your creations journey by sharing their story for all to read. And feel free to include pictures if it helps tell the story.

  • Philosophy: Why do you create and do you have an underlying philosophy that influences all your creations? This is the place to share your ideology with all other creators. WOW the community by letting them know just how deeply you think about your creations!

  • Showcase: Do you have an amazing creation that you want to get into the weeds and show off in detail beyond the photo from your portfolio? This is the place to do it. Get into the weeds and share multiple photos with descriptions to make sure everyone can make out all those amazing little details you put in.

  • Technical: Any elite CAS techniques you utilize to make that creation look just right? Share your secret techniques and provide advice on all the technical elements of creating amazing creations.

As always, if you have any questions you can ask us on Twitter or via the contact form under our Information tab. We are stokedddddddddddddd for your contributions!

OH! And one more thing, all blog posts will link directly to the portfolio of the creator that wrote them bringing more people to your page to check out your stuff (just like in the example below).


Blog contributed by the HappyColour, make sure to check out their profile by clicking on their name above.


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