Breaking Patterns with Stickers

Firstly while admitting that all creators have their own unique design styles, a pit fall I find it is easy to fall into when designing costumes is creating a outfit with overpowering patterns. This largely stems from some limitations in the character creation tool in SOULCALIBUR. Despite the tool being robust, often not all the unique elements on specific components have individually editable colours and patterns. For example, a t-shirt in the game would only be able to hold a single colour or pattern across the entire costume object, but in real life often even simple t-shirts have different coloured trims and sleeves.

Within this limitation what is the first thing someone does when adding details to an item? Splattering it with a beautiful pattern. The problem with this is the majority of patterns when utilized at large are visually overpowering. Simply put, it draws the eye too much and ends up making the design look fake. When designing a complicated costume in which you are attempting to blend a variety of shapes and colours, having large patterns on the clothing often makes it pop too aggressively!

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, as sometimes we even want that aggressive pop. However, if we are looking for a more subtle or blended design that utilizes patterns, a very useful technique you can utilize is to leverage stickers to break up the patterns.

But enough talk you say, Show me! Very well my creator friends, very well. Find some examples below that will give you an idea of what I am talking about. For each of the photos below, the photo on the left is the costume utilizing stickers to break patterns, and the very similar photo on the right is the costume when the technique isn't being utilized.

Simple Pattern Breaking

Note: Number 1 (Number 1) utilized to break up the brown chest pattern with a white center trim while adding colour unification elements to the outfit.

Note: Pocket (motif 32) utilized to add a fabric covering effect and break up the powerful flower pattern on the dress.

Intermediate Pattern Breaking