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Champion Creations!

If you haven't already seen it through stumbling upon it on the website, or catching it through our numerous social media posts, is excited to offer another community oriented engagement: Champion Creations!

As the creator of this site, and as a competitive SOULCALIBUR player myself, I have always been interested in legitimatizing the creation community just as much as the competitive community. Hence why this website was created, with the vision to offer an artistic and aesthetically pleasing creation platform in which creators best creations were shown the respect they deserve.

With this now well along its way, I was thinking how we could now not only legitimatize ourselves in comparison to the competitive community as creators, but as well integrate with them. After all, most players, even competitive players have a few creations they have made and love, and everyone loves a well made creation!

Hence the creation of Champion Creations! A service of sorts we offer to the competitive SOULCALIBUR VI community in which we offer custom costumes designed by our amazing creators as prizes for winners of tournaments.

And this service is only possible due to the amazingly talented creators that have volunteered to offer their creation skills as a prize!

Sample image of a Champion Creation prize for Deus EX December Caelo tournament. Volunteered creators were Laughing Pig and Ocipresotin.

Here is how it works:

  1. Connect: Creators on our website that are interested in being included in this offering contact us and we add them to our creator resource pool! At the same time tournament organizers that are interested in having costumes as a prize reach out to us via the form on this page.

  2. Select: We select two creators that are available from our list of volunteered creators; of import we ensure that these creators have contrasting styles, to provide different taste options for the prize. We then provide promotional material to the tournament organizer that they can use to promote their event which showcases a sample of the selected creators work (see the image above for an example). Then, after the winner of the tournament is determined, this tournament winner selects which creator of those selected aligns with their style preferences.

  3. Create: The selected creator designs the alternative costume within 10 days time and provides us with some pictures and a template. After we have received this, we send the template to the winner of the tournament as their prize so they can easily remake the costume. We then wrap up the process, by updating the Champion Creations gallery with images of the costumes to commemorate both the amazing creator's creation and the skilled winner's victory in the tournament.

This brings about a beneficial outcome for all involved parties: Tournament Organizers get prizes and cross promotion with the creator community, Creators get to create and get exposure regarding their talents, and our website gets exposure along with the creator resulting in us reaching more creators! And throughout the process, functionally, admin staff provide the majority of the coordination work, allowing our creators to do what they do best: CREATE!

I am superrrrrrrrrr excited for this activity, and ever so appreciative of all the creators that have contacted me with their interest. Together we will continue to grow the creation community, while supporting not only the creation community and Project Soul, but competitive SOULCALIBUR VI players as well.

Remember our creed? Creation is collaboration! What a perfect example this is, of that concept in action.


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