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How to Create?

As a seasoned costume creator I have learned one resonating truth across casting my eyes on the numerous creations speckling the battlefield of SOULCALIBUR: creations are stylized based on the personal preferences of the creator.

Most would agree of course, and you need only look at a few examples on this site to showcase how personal style and vision dictates the outcome of a costume (contrast the work of Anmachi to Vilarcane for example, to see clearly that there is a significant stylized difference between the two creators that makes their creations very different despite the quality of their creations both being extremely high).

I have always been super intrigued by the different stylistic philosophies various creators have when creating, across regions, ages, gender, playstyle, and personal style, as these attributes definitely seem to impact the style of creations. Myself for example, I only make Alternative Costumes fundamentally because as I play the game competitively I don't want to fiddle with characters hitboxes as that may throw me off in a tournament. Further, I prefer to make subtle details that are occasionally noticeable over poppy details that are always noticeable, as to me this reflects realism.

But enough of this philosophical rambling, I decided to write this post as I wanted to share some videos from CAS creators that document their CAS creation process. Note, this is fundamentally different than a tutorial on how to create a specific CAS but instead how that creator goes about creating CAS in general. Find below a few videos, including one documenting my own process, that I have managed to find online. If you happen to know of any other examples, please chime in on the comments so I can check them out and add them below.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!


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