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Ranking CAS: Why we don't do it?

When formulating this site one of the biggest questions I had was: should profiles be evaluated based on their quality and given a score (i.e. journeyman, edge master, etc...)?And as cool as I thought that would be, at the end of day I came to the conclusion that this was the wrong choice.


CAS is inherently personal, similar to fashion in many ways, and is very subjective.

This doesn't mean to say that there aren't good CAS and bad CAS, there certainly are. But similar to how criticizing someone's fashion for walking around in flip flops, swim shorts, and a beater likely has no point as the person making such choices won't see the value in the criticism so will an amateur CAS creator not constructively take criticism.

In many ways, it is about a detail of vision. This detail of vision is not inherent in people, it grows overtime through exposure to their own struggles in creation and others creations.

I'm gonna be honest, I, like many other I am sure, use to think I was the hottest costume creator in the world.... that was until I was introduced to 8wayrun creators and Japanese creators on twitter. At this moment I realized, I was just a fish in a big pond. But this exposure is what made me realize how much more there was to strive in regarding CAS creation! And this has pushed my creation to the next level.

So just a friendly reminder, we make each other better by not criticizing others costumes, but by embracing them and showcasing potential avenues for improvement via our own creations!

Remember as always my CAS connoisseurs, creation is collaboration!


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