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Resizing Photos easily!

If you haven't submitted a portfolio to the website yet, or are about to update your portfolio, you may have noticed that we have a size restriction on photo uploads of 500KB per photo. This size restriction is required due to the heavy bandwidth required to browse the community galleries and due to the storage restriction on our database.

But who cares about that technical stuff? You want to know how to resize your photos without a drop in quality. I am here to recommend and showcase a free online web tool I personally use to complete this task which is amazingly easy to use. The tool is Bulk Resize!

Let's walk through the steps of how to resize photos.

Step One: Go to the website and click on "Choose Images"!

Step Two: Select your amazing creation photos!

Step Three: Select File Size and drag the slider to around 500 KB!

Step Four: Click "Start Resizing"!

Step Five: Wait a moment for the files to resize, and then save the zip file the website delivers to you!

It's that easy, and all of your photos have been resized to be around 500 KB with very little quality loss!

This is a super convenient tool that I discovered a while ago when attempting to upload my creations on websites like Reddit, 8wayrun, and more that had similar size restrictions. In my opinion and experience, no tool is easier and more convenient to use. Try it out and let me know what you think!


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