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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It all started with a single crazy idea: "Let's make a website to display character creators in a reputable manner!" Okay maybe that's not so crazy... what's really crazy is the fact that this isn't actively being done already.

Time to change that!

This website will offer SOULCALIBUR VI creators:

  1. An aesthetically appealing portfolio intended to show off the very best of their collection.

  2. The ability to contribute content to a community blog that will be visible to all SOULCALIBUR creators.

  3. The knowledge that their content will not be lost in a feed never to be seen again.

  4. A single source, regardless of native language, in which people can post their own unique profiles.

Let's get clear on something really quick, this website is not like other mediums in which anyone can post anything at anytime. This website is for serious creators to showcase the best of their best.

Serious can mean a lot of different things of course (serious cosplays, serious alternative costumes, or serious original characters), and we will embrace it all! Serious creators, in whatever form you may be, we eagerly await your contributions.

We are different than Reddit, Twitter or other feed based platforms in both a good and bad way: the good way is you have a unique URL for you as a creator that showcases your best stuff and you have the knowledge that it won't get lost in a feed somewhere, and the bad way is it is limited in its overall size and update frequency to guarantee manageability of the website and, as a positive side effect, increase quality of the postings.

Remember our site is a semi-static portfolio view of your best, you should continue posting where you share stuff frequently, and don't worry in your portfolio we link to where you post so people can follow you directly there as well!

Simply put our website is intended to showcase what you are most proud of, 20 of your best!

Before you submit, and for the sake of organization, we have created a few categories of types of creations that will be referenced on your profile page and also be filterable in search. Although you are probably familiar with the concepts in some way, the definitions below should help clear some things up and get us all on the same page.

Creation Categories

  • Alternative Costumes: Commonly referred to simply as alt costumes, costumes, or player two, these creations are simple costume designs for main cast characters. These costumes in general are most popular with competitive players that are concerned about modifying their characters hitboxes. From my own estimate these are the 3rd rarest form of creations.

  • Cosplay: One of the more common forms of creation, these set out to replicate a character from an external medium as recognizably as possible. Likely one of the most common types of creation, they are very difficult to create accurately.

  • Modded: Creations in this category have utilized modding to achieve their design. Modding can be as subtle as editing the skin tone of a character to as dramatic as importing unique clothing not available in the game. Most definitely the rarest form of creations.

  • Original Characters: Functionally an entirely new character utilizing the move set of one of the primary cast. These characters are completely unique and require a great amount of precision to create in high quality. Likely the most popular form of creation due to the vast variety of customization options available to creators.

One last thing before I end this first blog, expect when looking at this site to visit a profile page or a blog in which it is written in a language other than English. Even though this site was made by an English speaker it is the vision of this website that anyone in the world regardless of their language can submit their content in the language they are most comfortable with.

At the end of the day our philosophy is that creation is about collaboration and not competition. The more of us accessing this site across the world from various cultures the more ideas within our community will flourish. Get stoked for a multicultural hub of creation collaboration!

Welcome to the site, and remember: creation is collaboration not competition!


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