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That's a wrap... for now!

The time has come my friends to share some sad news, after much deliberation I, HappyColour, the owner and manager of this website have decided to put and the corresponding twitter account on hiatus.

Managing this website has truly been an act of love for creation and the SOULCALIBUR community, alas it has now come to be the time where I must focus on other personal endeavours in my life. I would like to share, for transparency, across its lifetime the website has cost me $650 USD to maintain, of which I have recovered %4 in community contributions, and truly hundreds of hours of time put in to develop the platform, organize events, and support the community. This was a true passion project! Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to spare managing the website and double unfortunately no other party has stated interest in taking it over despite my earnest attempts to find an alternative owner.

It has been a blast though, truly, and I am continually excited and honoured by the trust the community has put in me and the participation and passion they have brought to all our collaborative endeavours. It has been an amazing collective adventure and across our active lifetime we have accomplished much, including:

  • Designing a unique platform for creators to share their best creations in an artistically appeasing manner. And done so in English and Japanese!

  • Sharing over 90 unique creator portfolios from across 22 different countries. Truly an international website!

  • Garnering thousands of unique visitors from all over the world across the active lifetime of the website!

  • Collaborating with the competitive community across 5 large scale community run events delivering over 20 unique creation prizes for competitors!

  • Published over 15 blog posts contributed to by 6 active creators!

  • Facilitated over 15 design challenge community events with hundreds of amazing participant entries!

It has been an amazing collective adventure and across our active lifetime we have accomplished much.

The website will still exist for an indefinite period, but we will no longer be being updating portfolios, or facilitating Design Challenges and Champion Creations. Blog entries will still be open as I feel this is a great potential outlet for those serious creators that will still be around rockin' that creator dream. My personal dream is to maintain the website in this form until SOULCALIBUR VII is announced and our drive and desire for creation is rekindled, at this time I will gladly hand over the reigns to a professional interested party who wishes to take up the websites mantle!

I wanted to give a big thank you to all the community members that have been involved in helping the website grow across the years, those who shared their creations, those who participated in design challenges, all our amazingly talented Champion Creators, those who donated to support my costs, and all those who truly embraced the creed creation is collaboration.

Specifically I would also like to thank those who helped me in managing the site and running promotions ezeShining, NitricZenith, Dynny_B, HarmonyOfSirius, LaughingPig, Unicorn, and, of course, the glorious Eve.

Also of course I can't forget to thank our partners the Soul Calibur Creations Reddit, ViolentVodka's Vodkalibur, and all our community partners that promoted our site on their competitive streams such as Wednesday Night Fights and the Boominati League.

Thanks for everything everyone!

As a quick side, truly the only regret I have with my time spent with the website is the complete lack of interaction and engagement by the SOULCALIBUR team or Bandai Namco. Numerous attempts were made to reach out to them in both formal and informal channels, and they not once decided to engage with us. I hope in the future they do better in efforts to support the community that is actively working so hard to prolong the life, dig the depths, and build the community of their franchise. Do better Bandai Namco, do better!

Do better Bandai Namco, do better!

With all that said, thank you creators, casual'ers, competitors, and simple browsers! Your engagement has made this whole endeavour worthwhile. Until next time! Keep that collaborative and creative spirit up my friends.


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