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refresh your portfolio

If you already have a portfolio on the website and have new creations to show off that better reflect you as a creator, you are able to refresh all content on your portfolio to the maximum capacity of twenty creations. In order to complete this refresh you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You already have a portfolio on the site.

  2. You have had a portfolio on the site for over 1 month.

  3. You are submitting your own created content.

  4. Your content is from SOULCALIBUR VI.

  5. Your content is not racially offensive.

  6. Your content is not sexually explicit.

  7. Your content is of a high picture quality.

  8. You have twenty unique creations to share.

  9. Each photo you submit has a unique creation in it.

If your content does not meet the criteria from our perspective an evaluator will inform you of how you can modify it to resubmit after they have reviewed it.

Additionally when you submit keep in mind the following:

  • Your profile is intended to be a static portfolio view of your creations. Make sure to select your photos carefully before submitting!

  • Due to this site being managed by volunteers, it is unclear how quickly your content will be hosted on the website after you submit. However, you will receive a notification if your profile is NOT approved!

  • The very nature of this site is to be collaborative in nature, it is not about one upping other creators and is instead about showing off your best and finding inspiration from others.

Creator Information

Refreshing your portfolio via this form replaces your current portfolio with a new portfolio on the website, as such this form may collect information that is currently on your portfolio. 

Note: Refreshing your portfolio could impact your position on shared gallery pages.

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