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Unique Creation Object Templates

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Ever seen a crazy amazing unique component that was created by compiling various in game objects? This blog post endeavours to compile a variety of some of the best unique object creations we have seen in template format for you to easily copy over to your own creations!

Scroll down and check out what we have compiled so far, and for information on who has contributed to this post make sure to check out the bottom of the article. Further if you would like to add to this post, send us a message. : )

Please note, that all the template specifications may require minor modification to fit perfectly dependent on the character model you have utilized and that patterns and colours have been excluded. That being said, these templates should get you 95% of the way to perfection! As well, keep an eye on if any additional components are required as referenced below the photo. Oh, and one last thing, the object component specifications should be read left to right, top to bottom.

Space Buns

Additional Components: Cornrows (Hairstyle)

Blacked Out Eyes

Additional Components: None

Dread Ponytail

Additional Components: Cornrows (Hairstyle), Zephyr Hair Accessory (Head)

Wood Crown

Additional Components: None

Fancy Pipe

Additional Components: None


Additional Components: Cornrows (Hairstyle), Headband (Head)

Gas Mask

Additional Components: Opera Mask (Face)

Small Glasses

Additional Components: None


Additional Components: None

Aztec Helm

Additional Components: Winter Rose Headdress (Head)

Fancy Turban

Additional Components: Turban (Head)

Wasp Stinger

Additional Components: None


Blog contributed by the HappyColour and Nitric Zenith make sure to check out their profiles by clicking on their names above.


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